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Q- How much will my Bling Box cost?

A- You pay a monthly stylist fee of 49.00 to have a personal stylist curate your box. The 49.00 fee is deducted from the cost of the items you chose to keep. So technically it's free!

Q- How often do I receive a Bling Box?

A- We're all about Free-Spirited Lifestyles, so you have the freedom to chose. You can have a monthly box, bi-monthly or a one time deal. It's up to you!

Q- What if I don't like anything in my Bling Box?

Our goal is to make your heart dance when you open that box, but if your stylist didn't hit the mark then send it all back! Return shipping is on us! We recommend that you keep your Style Profile up to date with your sizes, likes, dislikes, and style preferences.

Q- What if I have a special occasion coming up? Is there anyway to ask for dressy dresses in that box?

A- You sure can! Just email your stylist and give her a heads up and she'll handpick that special outfit for you.

Q- What if I think Bling Box is the greatest thing I have ever experienced?

A- Shout it from the roof tops!  Pin us on Pinterest. Pin yourself in our designs. Tweet about us! Post us on your Facebook status and hashtag the heck out of us on Instagram! The more you tell the world about us, the more hearts we can make dance!